My Story

My name is Matt Hazzard. Athletika Sports and Fitness is the culmination of a lifelong love or sports and childhood dream to own a sports training facility. When American Ninja Warrior started in 2009, my two boys were immediately obsessed.  They went from climbing over furniture to building obstacle courses in the backyard, using garbage cans and recycling bins.  To provide a safe and challenging obstacle course, seemed like a natural transition to my business idea.  In 2014 I completed my MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship and small business management.  I used the same business plan I turned in for a grade to open Athletika two years later. Athletika Sports and Fitness opened in May 2017 with three distinctive, but complimentary areas for customers to enjoy.  As a coach and Baseball Director with the LJAL, I wanted to provide an indoor turf field for training and practices.  The goal was to make our community stronger by building relationships between Livonia athletes, teams, and businesses.

Athletika Philosophy

Athletika Sports and Fitness strives to provide alternative training methods and sports training options.  We provide three unique and complimentary workout areas, including American Ninja Warrior style obstacle courses, a training area specialized for athletes of all ages, and open turf areas for sports training and entertainment. No matter what type of training or activity you’re looking for, we’re confident you’ll find success here. When you commit to Athletika Sports and Fitness, you will benefit from a team of dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff members who will be by your side every step of the way.

Athletika Sports and Fitness is committed to offering a family friendly environment.  A place where people of all ages, abilities, shapes, and sizes can exercise and play.  Don’t just listen to us, see what our customers have to say!