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Ninja Warrior & Nerf Birthday Parties at Athletika


Standard Parties include:

  • 45 minutes of Obstacle Course Racing                            (Includes all 3 ninja warrior courses)

  • 30 minutes in a private party room


  • 45 minutes in our Nerf Battlefield

Your own designated party host will keep you on schedule and provide directions to all of your guests.

Food and Beverage not provided-  We don’t know what you like to eat/drink so feel free to bring in what you want, from where you want!!

Standard Party Pricing

$200 for up to 12 guests

$15 each additional guest

Fort Nite Cake.jpg
Nerf Battle.jpg
Attending a party at Athletika? Use the link below to complete our online waiver
Falcon Fowling 3 ED.JPG
LZ29 ED.jpg


Add our 51ft. Inflatable Obstacle Course       $80

(Available during obstacle course racing time)




Or upgrade your party with the following alternative activities customizable party options:


Laser X Battlefield Party   $25 ($3 per additional player over 12)         

Pigskins and Pins             $40 per set/hour                  

Sports, Games, and more…     

 (Including whiffle/tee ball, futsal, football, and other games upon request)


Contact us for additional customizable pricing options



Add ons

If you require additional seating or need to reserve a specific room, or would like to add additional time in your party room or activities please let us know immediately to confirm availability.


30 extra minutes in party room  
60 extra minutes in party room

30 extra minutes in activity                    

60 extra minutes in activity    



Facility Rental- if you expect a large number of guests please let us know immediately so we can properly prepare and provide you with the best possible plan


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