Athletika Sports and Fitness opened in February, 2017 without even being finished. As soon as the turf flooring was installed we had teams asking about winter practices so they started playing baseball immediately. It wasn’t until May when the obstacle courses were completed that we held our grand opening celebration on June 5. Owning a sports training facility is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream but I never imagined the variety of activities we currently offer.

My boys were instantly obsessed with American Ninja Warrior so obstacle courses was a natural fit. Not only did it save me the time and effort of trying to build a course in my backyard but it’s deterred them from climbing over couches and leaping off the ottomans. It was also very important to me to provide a safe and family friendly environment where parents can play with their kids so all three of our obstacle courses are adult friendly.

With my 11 year old son playing travel baseball there was not a lot of options for him to receive training including strength and conditioning as well as sport specific training so the opportunity to offer speed and agility classes for youth athletes was a natural fit. As a person that’s personally never owned a gym membership I also wanted to create classes that break away from the normal mundane training regimens and avoid the expectations that I’m going to train independently without support so our adult classes are personalized and offered in small groups to provide some accountability for attendance and progress.

The turf area had to be versatile because my primary focus was to provide our local baseball teams with a place to practice in the winter but also to host a multitude of others sports, games, and activities. The two party rooms provided us the ability to host a variety of events including birthday parties, corporate team building and holiday events, special events including bachelor/bachelorette, youth church groups, and school activity nights and field trips.

Athletika Sports and Fitness is a family business owned and operated by a Livonia Family for families, athletes, and thrill seekers all across the Metro Detroit Area. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of but I never realized how satisfying it is to be a part of the dreams of so many others by providing memorable birthday parties, providing the training necessary for athletes to compete at the highest levels, or simply allowing children of all ages to get all the exercise they need to live a happy and healthy life.

If you’ve never been here before we can’t wait to meet you and show you everything Athletika Sports and Fitness has to offer.

If you’ve been here before we can’t wait for you to come back.

If you can’t come back and visit us anytime soon please tell as many people as possible about your time at Athletika. and hopefully by the time you’re able to return we’ll be even better than before!

Thanks for being part of my dream, my community, and my family!

Matt Hazzard MBA