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Athletika Market Day

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Athletika Market Day 

On Sunday, June 13 from 3pm-6pm Athletika will host a sports cards and sports collectibles marketplace for buyers and sellers. Sports cards and collectibles expected to cover multiple decades from the 1970's until today.

Sample items for sale include:

  • sports cards from baseball, basketball, football, and more

  • signed and game worn jerseys

  • signed mini football helmets

  • miscellaneous sports memorabilia and more...

Market Day for Sellers

Market Day for Buyers

Sellers are welcome to sell sports cards and sports memorabilia. Any seller interested in participating in this event needs to complete the following steps:

  1. Sign vendor contract

  2. Purchase table from Athletika ($25 each)

  3. Arrive for setup between 2pm-2:45pm day of event

  4. Provide cards and memorabilia fairly priced and authenticated to the best of your knowledge

Athletika Market Day is open for anyone to attend with no entrance fees. Any purchases made during this event are at the sole risk of the buyer. Athletika doesn't endorse, authenticate, or acknowledge any responsibility on any purchases. It is up to every buyer to accept every sale as final. 

Activities offered by Athletika are not included in the free entrance. Discounted obstacle course racing rates will be available.

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Acuna, Tatis, Harper, DeGrom, Bieber, Betts

LeBron, Kobe, AD, Booker, Simmons, Durant

Mahomes, Brady, Diggs,  Rodgers, Murray

Matthews, McDavid, Bergeron, Hedman, Fleury

rookies, signature cards, jersey cards, and more...

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