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Athletika Sports and Fitness prides itself on offering a wide variety of activities without any restrictions on age or ability level. Our three American Ninja Warrior styles obstacles courses allow you to practice, train, and attempt multiple obstacles in a safe and supportive environment. You may soon realize that the competitors make it look much easier on TV than when you’re here in person so our staff is always available to provide suggestions and tips to be successful on all three levels of our obstacle courses.

Our Approach to Safety

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Athletika Sports and Fitness is designed for all ages and we encourage parents to participate along with their children on all of our courses. Before you begin your attempts at conquering our obstacle courses please become familiar with our rules and suggestions described below, ask any of our staff for tips and suggestions, and try as many obstacles as you feel comfortable with but if there’s something you don’t want to try you can always skip it.


Our staff is always available to maximize the best possible experience but if you’re doing something dangerous or outside of our acceptable practices you may be asked to refrain from these activities or at worst lose the opportunity to continue your participation. We’re confident that safety and fun is as important to you as it is to us so thank you in advance for following our designated rules and the most important rule of common sense to have the best possible visit.


**Everyone that enters the activity or training area to participate in any activity must have completed and signed a valid Athletika Sports and Fitness waiver. Those under 18 must have it signed/completed by their parent, legal guardian, or someone with power of attorney.**



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  • Wear athletic shoes and keep them on your feet at all times when racing on our American Ninja Warrior style obstacle courses

  • Remove any objects in your pockets that may bother upon failing on an obstacle or participating in other activities

  • Be aware of other people attempting obstacles to avoid collisions or disrupting their attempts

  • Be in control of your body.

  • Understand your personal limitations and recognize that if you’re tired/fatigued or otherwise impaired your ability to complete even routine obstacles can be diminished so take a break or wait until a future visit to attempt

  • Begin with the beginner course to get loose and accustomed to obstacle course racing before moving onto the more difficult obstacles and courses

  • If you’re ever unsure about how to properly complete an obstacle, please make sure to Play at your own risk. Obstacle course racing can be dangerous.

  • Follow all rules and the Athletika Staff instructions.



  • Attempt an obstacle that you don’t feel confident completing without a parent or trainer spotting you

  • Dive or flip into the foam pits under the obstacles, especially head first

  • Attempt an obstacle you’re not sure how to properly and successfully complete

  • Begin attempting an obstacle before the previous person has completed that obstacle

  • Freelance or perform an obstacle course in any other way than it’s intended or explained by a staff member

  • Have anything in our mouth when entering the training area (food, gum, candy, etc.)

  • Sit or lie in an obstacle foam pit. If you are tired and need to rest, you must do so outside of the foam pits to allow for other guests to attempt that obstacle.

  • Push, tackle, throw foam pieces, distract, or disrupt any other guests attempts at completing obstacles or obstacle courses.

  • Intentionally target other guest’s face, head , or neck area during Nerf battles.

  • Wear costumes, wet clothes, use gimmicks, or unapproved body paint while obstacle course racing.

  • Participate on any of the obstacle courses or activities without an Athletika staff member present

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