Turf Field, Meeting Space, & Hitting Tunnel Rental

Attending an event at Athletika?
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Livonia Blue Jay Cheer Practice 

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Pigskins and Pins at Athletika

Turf Field Rental

Athletika Sports and Fitness is proud to support a variety of local teams, leagues, and sports with off-season training by renting our almost 10,000 square feet of open turf space. Our indoor turf area is approximately 80 feet wide/150 feet long with up to 3 retractable 70 foot hitting tunnels for baseball/softball teams.


Examples of sports teams that have hosted practices at Athletika are baseball, softball, lacrosse, flag football, 7x7 football, soccer, and tackle football. We look forward to hosting your team soon!


Turf Rental Rates

60 minutes for $140

90 minutes for $200


Ask about discounts for booking multiple sessions

Livonia Raptors Lacrosse Practice

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Athletika Warrior Baseball Practice


Meeting Space Rental

We have two private rooms for meetings and other private activities. If you choose, you may also bring in your own food/drink with limited restrictions.

  • For groups like boy scout, cub scout, and girl scouts

  • Discounted room rental for baseball/softball teams that train here

  • Companies that host and event or team building activities

Contact us for customized pricing for meeting space rental

Hitting Tunnel Rental

We have up to three hitting tunnels available throughout the building for rental by individuals or teams. Each tunnel ranges from approximately 50-70 feet long. 

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