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Speed & Agility Classes

Our Speed and Agility classes are designed to focus on running mechanics, linear speed, lateral quickness, and overall physical improvement in every sport.

10U and 18U Speed and Agility Training Classes

As an athlete, you’re continuously practicing to be the best at your sport and compete at the highest level.  At Athletika Sports and Fitness, we evaluate movement patterns and understand how they affect performance so you can gain an edge in every sport you play. Each class includes a dynamic warm-up, sport specific footwork, running mechanics, and strength training, to help you perform at your best.

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Our 10U speed and agility classes are a great way for any young athlete to gain new skills and start a level ahead of the competition. We start with the basics in our warm-up. As we progress the training session, we focus on intricate speed drills designed to elicit the proper running technique and form. We include strength training designed specifically for kids, focusing on body weight exercises and core strength. To top it off we play competitive games, which the kids love!

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Drop-in TUE or THU $25

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10U Speed & Agility Training Schedule

Tuesday/Thursday 5pm - 6pm 

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One day per week TUE or THU

$75 monthly membership

Two days per week TUE & THU

$100 monthly membership

Class sizes limited.  Reserve your spot immediately.

Call 734-744-5636 or email


Our 18-U speed and agility class is the next step for an athlete to take to continue improving and stay above the competition.  We work on the skills necessary to improve running technique and form in the warm-up and progress it to more complicated and complex speed drills through the session. Each athlete has a hand written strength-training card based on their ability level and age. High school age athletes will be doing more complex exercises and the middle school athletes have to work their way up using a progression mastery system before they can move on to more complicated exercises.

18U Speed & Agility Training Schedule


5pm - 6pm 


Drop-in MON or WED or FRI $25

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Two days per week MON or WED or FRI

$125 monthly membership

Three days per week MON/WED/FRI

$150 monthly membership

Class sizes limited.  Reserve your spot immediately.

Call 734-744-5636 or email