Share your goals and expected outcomes and we’ll design the training programs for you to achieve them.

Our training staff is educated, knowledgeable, and capable of writing unique programs to improve individual athletes, teams, and provide the most unique and innovative sports performance opportunities.

Personal Training

Each client will start with an orientation before training to assess goals and overall fitness.  Client will receive personalized program to accommodate individual needs, trackable progress, and evaluations throughout your program documenting your progress. 

Team Training

Team training is the best value we have for training athletes. Coach Nate writes up every workout specifically designed for your sport and team. Sessions are 60 minutes long. The primary emphasis is on speed work and footwork. Sessions will also focus on strength training and conditioning.

RPR Reflexive Performance Reset Adjustments

You are under constant stress, which is interpreted as survival mode by your body. When in survival mode your body utilizes harmful  compensation patterns which can lead to injury.  RPR® resets the body out of survival mode and into performance mode.  Your body has two priorities for optimal performance; to breathe and move correctly. Most athletes do not, so their bodies find a way to meet those priorities by creating harmful compensation patterns.

RPR resets your compensation patterns and allows your body to do its two most essential functions properly:  to BREATHE and MOVE. Results are immediate, massive, and measurable.

RPR is not a treatment for injuries and is not intended to treat, fix, manipulate, or otherwise replace medical advice and treatment.  RPR gets the body breathing and moving correctly to prevent injuries and improve performance.