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Sports Card Trading Parties

How it works:

  • You choose the sport (Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, and more)

  • An event host will auction off top tier cards through raffle, draft, trivia, and many more ways to make sure each guest has approximately 15-30 cards. 

  • Athletika provides all of the cards!!!

  • The top tier level cards include but are not limited to rookies, all-stars, top prospects, hall of farmers, autographs, jersey cards, and other high value cards. 

  • After all of the cards have been distributed guests will have the remaining time to trade cards between participants. The event host will assist in trades by sharing their educated opinion regarding value and facilitating balanced exchanges.

  • By the end of the party each guest leaves with every card they acquired during the party!!


  • 90 Minutes (estimated)- Event host will distribute cards to guests

  • 30 Minutes- Guests will have time to eat, drink, and commence birthday activities along with open trading with other guests


$25 per participant (minimum 10 participants)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cards are included for each party?

The total number of cards is related to the total number of guests. The average amount of cards is 20 cards per guest. Depending on their success in the games and giveaways the goal is for no guest to have less than 15 card or more than 25 cards.

What is the value of the cards?

Each card's estimated worth is at least $1. No common cards are distributed unless they have value to the parties theme (example- home teams).

Do you offer any other sports than the four majors?

Our current focus is on Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey, but with enough notice we would consider offering Soccer, UFC, and other sports.

Can you include cards from specific teams?

In some cases, we can make sure specific players, teams, and schools can be offered to a certain extent. We can't guarantee who gets those cards though.


Do you have to choose just one sport or can you offer multiple sports?

Yes, we can include cards from multiple sports. We can combine sports based on your prior specifications or we can throw in some "wildcards" from sports like UFC, soccer, and professional wrestling.

Do you have to make trades or can you keep all of your cards?

You don't have to make any trades if you don't want to. If there is a situation where no one wants to make any trades between guests your party host may have some cards available for trade. 

Sample Cards Available for Parties:

CJ Stroud.jpg
Jamar Chase.jpg
Tyce Thomspon Sig-Jer.jpg
Riley Greene.jpg
Mookie Betts.jpg
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